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 La Seyne Sur Mer, heart of the French Riviera in Provence


La Seyne Sur Mer is an influential city, part of the Toulon Mediterranean Metropolis, a gorgeous coastal resort on the French Riviera. It is renowned for its glorious past as a 19th century sea-side holiday destination and became known for its shipbuilding excellence during the latter part of the 20th century.


Today, the city offers a large variety of cultural and outdoor activities with wonderful sandy beaches at “Les Sablettes”, crystal clear coastal water and an astonishing natural landscape of rocks and forest on the “Cap Sicié” heights. For the tourist there are an abundance of first class hotels, camping sites and restaurants, which makes it an excellent location for the 2023 European Beach Sprint and Coastal Rowing Championships - Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd September.


As a competitor, member of staff or simply a tourist, we are sure you will enjoy this outstanding rowing location of Les Sablettes.

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In Provence, on the edge of the Mediterranean and facing the bay of Toulon, La Seyne sur Mer, a dynamictown, promises you  successful sportive event all year long.
The organizing club, Aviron Seynois was the best coastal rowing club in the Euro-mediterranean sea to the challenge 2018 & 2019. At the center of our concerns the participants, their companions and the public. For an international influence of our sport which shows the beauty of our practice areas, theirs accessibilities and the animation that can be found in our territories.

Along its 25 km of coastline, fine sandy beaches and creeks emerge. Just like George Sand, the 19th century writer, who marvelled at this sumptuous coastline, discover this «earthly paradise». For all tastes, for all ages, you are bound to find the beach you need.
On the land side, the Cap Sicié massif, a marvellous wooded setting classified as a natural area, offers an unparalleled view of the land, the sea and the sky. This preserved natural space is a treasure of biodiversity and a suitable place for lovers of forest walks.
Standing in the middle of the sea, at the tip of the massif, the “Two Brothers” rocks are the subject of many legends that still haunt the waves ...

La Seyne-sur-Mer will also delight you with its rich heritage: Tamaris, Saint-Elme, Fabrégas and Les Sablettes offer tourist attractions, but also architectural marvels.
La Seyne-sur-Mer can also count on its old city centre, its colourful and winding narrow streets, a Provencal market with two tones: traditional and fair, and a host of annual events. Authentic and picturesque, they instil a natural effervescence.

Near the port stands the Levant Bridge, a vestige of the old shipyards, and a landmark of the cityThe “Parc de la Navale”, an island of greenery in the city centre, reminds walkers of the former glory of the shipyards.
Beyond, along the coast or on the heights of the city, the military forts transport you to the past to relive the great history for a moment.
Legend of the two islands named the two brothers
or “Les deux frères” in french
« The legend says that the two brothers found an
injured mermaid on the beach one evening. They took
care of her and fell madly in love. In their madness,
they killed each other. The mermaid before returning
to the waves, begged Poseidon to leave them an
apparent form in memory of their passion.
The god of the sea erected two rocks there. »
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